Hi I'm Katrina, I love to make ideas come to life. Every brand has a story to tell that not only engages, influences, and delights its audience but also delivers measurable business goals. 

I have worked on international projects in the US and Europe for McDonald’s, European Commission, Zurich Group, Allianz, WIPO, EPO, Reading Rainbow, Industry, U-Turn Barcelona and more. Throughout my work experience my responsibilities varied but were not limited to from the following:

  • Conduct studies to understand users’ mental models, behavior, language & needs.

  • Uncover business requirements and ideas through workshops.

  • Analyze systems and review analytics to identify usability issues and adapt requirements.

  • Test all aspects of product interaction to provide qualitative and quantitative requirements.

  • Translate findings into actionable insights and recommendations for business, designers and developers.

  • Coordinate design and interaction teams.

  • Interpret conducted research into a visual solutions. 


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