Wanderlust App 

My Role: Digital Marketing Strategist & UX Consultant

Application Overview: Wanderlust is a new application releasing later this year. Aimed at bringing travelers together from all over the world. Their mission is to connect people traveling anywhere, rather than meeting people in hostels or other random places, Wanderlust will allow the users to do a radius search whichever area they are and they will be able to choose whether to connect with them or not. 

Marketing Strategy & User Research:




My main task was to design the user profile. After several doing rounds of research including surveys, personal interviews, and conducting marketing research from competing applilcations I was able to put together an MVP profile. The main features and issues users were most concerned about were: language barriers, seeing pictures of other users to "get a sense of their personality" and being able to message them directly versus waiting to add as a friend. I included all these concerns and more in the profile you can preview below.

Profile Wanderlist Guide.jpg


I created a few user flows from opening the application to getting to a users profile. Below is the full style guide of the beta application.

Style Guide_ ODI Wanderlust.png